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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

Our system scrapes public data and sorts through tens of thousands of videos every day to identify the latest trending sounds.

Will sell my data?

No, Trending Sounds will never share or sell data to any third party.

How often are trending sounds notifications sent?

Paid members will receive an email every morning around 8am (GMT-7).

Who should sign up for is for anyone who is trying to grow a following, sell products online, build an audience, drive affiliate traffic or one of the many other reasons you could be using social media... is THE tool you want by your side.

Does have an API?

We sure do! We are currently working on public rollout. Send us an email if your interested in early access.

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Email us your questions about the service, billing, account access, affiliate codes, brand partnerships or anything else you might think of. We're happy to help!

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